Best Convenience Store Eats

I have tried a lot but not all (because I have eyes and I could see some food are not worth trying, lol). Here’s the list in case you find yourself wanting to eat and only a convenience store is nearby.

Family Mart:
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Poppers
Mushroom and Cheese Empanada
Korean Town Ramen
Ham Ziti
Sushi Tray (4 pc — egg, kani, shrimp, spam)
Lemon Square
S’mores Brownies

Nuggets (cheaper by P4 than Family Mart & comes with nugget sauce)
Gourmet Penne Pasta
Silog Breakfasts (microwaveable)
Salted Egg Custard Siopao
Blue Dot Asado Siopao

Mini Stop:
Tattoos corn chips
Frozen Chocolate cake
I don’t like Kariman because it’s just bread and oil lol. I don’t like the rice toppers. They’re cheap and taste cheap, too. Haven’t tried the Fried Chicken though. BF keeps telling me it’s good.

I haven’t tried Lawson yet. For K-Circle, I was forced to try it before because it was the only place nearby in my previous office location. The food there sucks, real bad.

Face Care Products: Neogen Black Volume Cream Set Review

Yay or Nay? Yay!

My Neogen Code 9 Black Volume Cream Water Capping System has been with me for quite a while now. I used up all of my Laneige first and now, I am actively using my Neogen. I got both items from O Shopping PH. They’re almost quite the same — very moisturizing, not sticky, has a decent scent, hypoallergenic. But the free White Sparkling Cream somehow resembles Laneige Water Sleeping Mask_Ex more (in watery consistency and color). The black Neogen has a more gel like consistency. It’s not that black/opaque though when you dab some onto your skin. Maybe they came up with this black Neogen to attract the male market..?

neogen code 9 jar and contents

Neogen Code9 Black Volume Cream

neogen-dipped finger

Neogen gel-like consistency

It doesn’t cause any breakout (unless you put this on and immediately walk out into the harsh polluted city environment. You got to let it seep in your skin first and use powder/makeup to help protect your skin from dirt and other elements.)

The free samplers that came with it, I gave to my friends so they can experience Neogen, too. 🙂 The Neogen set is a good buy price-wise. I am not a fan of lotions (hate the sticky/slippery feeling) so I like moisturizers.

Face Care Supplement: Unilab Lactezin Pills Review

Yay or Nay? Undecided yet.
(Update: Nay! I stopped it already since it’s a bit pricey to have as a beauty regimen and I don’t see great improvements. I just updated my face care routine with Witch Hazel toner instead of Pond’s/Eskinol toner.)

I’ve seen the TV commercial and the Facebook ads. I got curious since I suffer from oily skin and the occasional pimples especially during PMS (Sigh, cystic acne can go fck themselves. Seriously. They leave nasty dark spots, too). I read the sponsored blog posts, too, so I got a bit skeptic.

It claims (from the Unilab website) to be anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant. It also says that “Lactezin is a natural and safe alternative or complementary therapy for the treatment of acne containing Lactoferrin, Vitamin E and Zinc.”


The packaging matches the pill. They’re both pink. The light pink color is just washed out in this photo.

I’ve been taking these caps (slightly smaller than average capsules but still bigger than an Immodium capsule) for almost a month now. After the first day of taking this, I woke up to a darker facial skin tone. I saw an FB comment from the Lactezin FB page asking why she got a darker skin tone, too. Lol no direct answer from the page, only advising her that she’ll see improved results after a few weeks or she may also talk to a physician if she’s unsure of taking the pill.

I continued to see a slightly darker facial skin tone after a few more days and with still oily skin. But now 3 weeks after, I can see less oiliness from my skin. But, I still suffer from PMS cystic acne (Damn it. Thank God for acne stickers!) I guess this supplement doesn’t really help with hormonal pimples. But let’s see, I plan to take this for two months. (Update: I stopped at almost 4 weeks because I don’t see great changes. I just updated my face care routine and Witch Hazel works great for me. Even my roommate liked Witch Hazel, too!)

If I don’t get any satisfactory results, I’ll have to stop taking it because these caps are costing me P40/day (It is priced at P20 per capsule). But it’s actually cheaper than AcneCare brand if you compare and compute prices.

The Lactezin capsules are available in Watsons and Mercury Drug Stores.

Face Care Products: COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch Review

Yay or Nay? Yay and Nay!

Clinical Skin Care COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

Resealable packaging is nice. Lots of Korean text but everything is almost translated to English. It has a bit of a medicinal smell when you open it but I don’t hate it. There’s a manual inside, I didn’t read nor took a photo.

I bought mine from 🙂 It was always sold out and I finally got to score one recently! Because I couldn’t easily procure the raved COSRX pimple patches, I’ve been using the Watson’s Mia Care Acne Patch every time a zit decides to appear on my face. I must say that Mia Care does a good job which is why I often buy it. Plus, I get to earn SM advantage points when I buy there. Tee-hee!

Anyway, since I have had experience with acne patches before, I couldn’t help but compare them. This is why COSRX is a Yay and Nay product for me.

Yay because it has a good price (P180 for 24 stickers). Mia Care will cost you around P300 for 24 stickers (2 boxes) unless you can still find their Christmas bundle (2 boxes) which costs around P250. The COSRX brand does it’s job pretty well. It sucks pus like it’s supposed to and helps reduce the bumpiness of the zit. I’m okay with repurchasing IF I won’t be able to shop for Mia Care.


9 big patches, 5 medium-sized patches, 10 small patches (Had to open the torch of my camera because it was really dark in my room)

Here are the reasons why it’s COSRX is Nay for me:

  • The variation in sizes make it easier for the user. But I think having large stickers get me more bang for my buck because I can just cut up the stickers if I need to patch up a small zit.
  • The exterior of the sticker has a bit of shine so it slightly looks more visible compared to Mia Care’s matte exterior.
  • I easily oil up and I felt that the COSRX slid easily from my face compared to Mia Care.

With these Nay factors, I’ll just use the rest of my COSRX at night, while sleeping.

Face Care Products: MiaCare Spot Care Patch for Day Review

Yay or Nay? YAY!

Pimples are the worst. They bring us nothing but pain — ugly redness, yucky pus, scars. Why do we even get them?

Anyway, if you’re trying to hide or speed up the drying process, the Mia Care Pimple sticker is good to try. I’ve seen people wear acne patches when I visited South Korea in 2015. They’re only noticeable upclose. I use them for my big ugly cystic pimples. After a day of usage, the “head” of the pimple does come out (sticking to the patch like whiteheads/blackheads sticking to an effective pore strip or peel off mask hehe but I don’t recommend using these acne stickers for removing whiteheads/blackheads though).


These pimple patches come in 12 per box and costs P150 at Watsons. They’re nude in color and tries to hide zits. I cut up a sticker in half or quarters whenever I need some for smaller zits. Para tipid! 🙂 I like them because they help shield my pimples from pollution (hello, Manila commute) and from my hands (I sometimes touch them unconsciously, tsk).

They’re supposed to be medicated but I don’t feel any sting or pain whenever I apply them which is nice. I tried the Bench pimple patches (only P22 for 8 stickers) but they don’t do much good for me. They’re also very noticeable on the face since they’re bigger in size and not opaque with a beige color. I used them while sleeping since they’re cheaper compared to the MiaCare Spot Care Patch for Night. But I don’t feel any improvements with the Bench acne stickers.


These stickers don’t help reduce acne marks though so you better reach for another product to help you with those dark spots.

Face Care Products: Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_Ex Review

Yay or Nay? Yay!

Got this as a gift. Being an oily girl living in a humid world, moisturizers aren’t my thing. But owning some for a while now has proven its use to me.


The Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX has a mild, relaxing scent yet it does not give me any allergic reaction. I have a history of skin asthma so I am happy that this product does not give me any redness/itchiness. Unlike lotion, it does not leave a heavy or slippery feel to the skin which I like. I am not a lotion user.

To test how moisturizing it is, I used some on my elbows and true enough, my elbows felt softer and moisturized.

One night, I had a mild finger burn once (clumsily burnt myself a little with boiling hot water for bathing), and I used it to soothe the pain. It was effective rather than dipping my fingers in cold water for a long time (not to mention the ugly trapping of water in the burnt area). It’s fast absorbing. I applied more whenever I felt like the pain was coming up again. The next morning, the pain was gone and it did not leave any mark/scar.

It’s an amazing product. Safe to use on break-out prone face, too, unlike the Clinique Moisture gel.

I’ll give my two cents about the Neogen Black Volume Cream soon.

Face Care Products: Pond’s Acne Clear

Yay or Nay? Yay!
Price: P160 (Watsons)

Okay, this is my facial saving grace.
My old routine wasn’t working for me anymore and I’ve been doing that routine since college. I guess 10 years later, hormones do kick in and decide to change.

I tried trying various products and they worked a bit but not as much as this Pond’s Acne Clear Anti Acne facial wash.


I was skeptic at first because the old Pond’s I’ve tried years back wasn’t doing my skin any justice. But this new product? I was very surprised. And amazed! Why? Let’s say I have this big, ugly hormonal chin zit and some mini pimples (pimplets lol). I used the mini sample sachet I got for free weeks before. After one wash, my mini pimples dried up and the big one became smaller. (I won’t post pic results because I wasn’t able to take pics and I’m a lazy blogger.)

I am using the toner from the same line and it’s okay. Not amazed but okay (better than Eskinol). I am also using the clearing gel from the same line and again, it’s just okay. It’s not a spot treatment; it’s more of a pimple-prevention gel+moisturizer.

Weird Food Twists

If you’re familiar with #FrankenFood, then this is basically what this post is about. I love food and sometimes I like to experiment with them in weird simple ways. (If anyone of you can relate to this, just holla!)

Below are some of the food twists I did and actually liked/worked (for me, but if you don’t like then don’t do it lol). If you try any of these, don’t forget to holla back and lemme know your thoughts. 😉

  1. Nongshim Shin Ramyun chili instant ramen + Maple syrup
    I like the ramen as it is but I just felt like it’s lacking something. I wanted to add a bit of a sweet factor into it and syrup came into mind to make it easier to dissolve/mix. I thought the deeper flavor of maple would harmonize with spices of the ramen and it did. (Korean + Canada fusion cuisine, anyone? LOL)

2. Stir-fry hotdogs
From where I’m from, this is normal. But usually, it’s done with oil, garlic, onions, soy sauce and ketchup then you add the sliced hot dogs (they should look like coins when you slice them up).
But my version, is the same except I substitute soy sauce with Thai sweet chili sauce. Oh, trust me on this one. Even my mom (who’s a huge critic btw) liked it.

3. Can’t think of anything else right now but will edit this post as soon as I remember or discover something.

So there you have it. If you do try it and think it’s a success, then we can call it a hack, maybe..? lol

If you have your own versions of taste discoveries as well, be sure to share it so we can enjoy the experience you had! 🙂

Slimming Products: Puritan’s Pride Acetyl L-Carnitine 250mg Review

Having something curb my appetite alone wasn’t doing enough justice to my road to weight loss. I even opted to walk 2.4 km almost everyday but I thought maybe I needed something to help me double that burn. I sought the help of Acetyl L-Carnitine in pill form. I didn’t want to take slimming pills but I had no choice because I didn’t want to spend money on new, bigger clothes. I also read that L-Carnitine had other good effects aside from slimming.

I bought Puritan’s Pride Acetyl L-Carnitine (60 caps) in 250mg forms because I didn’t want to overdose or something. So far, I take 1-2 caps per day and I feel that I am less bloated now that I am taking it. I haven’t lost any weight drastically (just a pound or two) because I am not on any strict diet or exercise but I do a few sit ups every now and then since my tummy/belly is my problem area. I felt sleepier though and I’m not sure if it’s because of the L Carnitine or I’m just really tired recently. I have normalized bowel movements, too. Before, I always felt like going to the bathroom after eating especially if I ate something not ideal for a person with constant hyperacidity/gastritis.

blue bottle of puritans pride acetyl l carnitine and capsules

The 250mg 60caps bottle was around Php 600 when I bought it online. I might purchase another bottle but with higher mg once I finish my current bottle.

Products for a Cause Review

The spirit of giving is well-celebrated and felt during Christmas season. But why wait for Christmas? You can embody such spirit year-round.

Donating to charity is often the most popular way to be generous and kind. Buying certain products also enables you to be charitable. If you’re seeking for products that are made with love and are for a good cause, here’s a list of products you might want to support and enjoy:

1. RJ’s Homemade Peanut Butter – Php 100 per bottle
The viral post about a taxi driver who sells peanut butter as extra income actually makes yummy peanut butter! With all the bad news lately about bad taxi drivers, this kind of news — earning money in a modest way — was appreciated by netizens.

RJ’s was also featured in Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho. It was revealed that the peanut butter was actually for a good cause since the driver’s son (RJ, hence the name) has a health problem so his wife makes the peanut butter and he tries to sell them to his passengers.

Reviewing the taste, this homemade peanut butter is heaven sent.  Not sure about how others perceive Skippy’s but for me, it’s like glue and is bland. Lily’s is okay. A friend of mine says the homemade ones she bought before retailed at P130 per bottle while RJ’s is priced at P100 only per bottle. She also commends that RJ’s is really good homemade peanut butter. My tastebuds agree! (They sell yummy atchara / atsara as well for P100 per bottle.)

Know more about RJ’s through their official Facebook account:

Delivery is offered within Manila:

rj peanut butter facebook cover photo

RJ’s Peanut Butter Facebook cover photo

Troy Sitosta, owner and creative art director at Shao Long Bald, was the one who helped boost the driver’s peanut butter business. He offered the nice design on the bottles and cab’s signage for free.

2. Human Nature Products – Php 60-800++

I usually don’t favor brands. I will favor a product or two if it’s really that good but not that brand itself since they will also have a product or two that’s a flop. But Human Nature offers real goodness for its customers, its customers’ pockets, and the environment. Real all about it here.

But on having a customer perspective, I can say that the Acne Gel, Acne Defense Facial Wash, Facial Toner, Purifying Facial Scrub, Hand Sanitizer spray, and Bug-Shield Oil are good bang-for-the-buck deals. I got Dengue back in 2013 and I became quite Mosquito paranoid for a while so I always used the Bug-shield oil which was better than the OFF! Lotion. I am not into lotions given the climate that we have here in PH, The OFF lotion also kinda gives a warm sensation after applied.

Anyway, I always use the acne gel as spot treatment and preventive treatment because it works wonders! It’s made of pure tea tree oil — 100% natural, it claims. The facial wash does an okay job but the facial scrub (strawberry) is my favorite!

human heart nature logo

Human Nature logo from their Official Facebook Account: @humanheartnature

I usually buy Human Nature products in Robinson’s Pioneer grocery. I have seen these products in the department store as well. They have an actual store in Bulacan as well. But you can check all their branches here. They offer online shopping but I haven’t tried that yet. They do sell on Zalora and Lazada, too.

If you know other products with a cause, feel free to comment/share about them below! Cheers!