Miniso Leo Zodiac Perfume Review


Yay or Nay? Yay!
Price: P99

When it comes to pricing, Mumuso can be a bit cheaper than Miniso though both offer cute, and pocket-friendly quality items. After I had a ball from Mumuso’s affordable yet fragrant perfumes, I tried to sniff around Miniso’s choices. There were scents that were vaguely familiar to Mumuso’s scents and there were scents that I wanted to buy next time.


I saw the Zodiac “limited edition” perfume line, costing only P99 each (10ml) per bottle. There were testers available but sometimes it can smell different but at P99 only a piece, it was worth the try. I chose Leo because I am one. There are 12 Zodiacs but 4 were missing in the display I saw in the Miniso Waltermart branch. I am not sure if other branches carry the complete 12.

The bottle claims that it has a floral scent but for me, it smells kind of citrusy with a bit of vanilla. After 4 hours, the citrus scent disappears and the vanilla scent still lingers. I like it. 🙂




Try out your Zodiac perfume at Miniso and see if the scent truly fits your Zodiac personality 😉

This is not a sponsored post for I do not accept paid review deals. I bought this with my own money out of a whim.


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