Face Care Products Review: Affordable Topical Acne Treatments

I now have a good acne wash and awesome pimple patches. But I still haven’t found the best acne topical spot treatment for me until now.

Panoxyl has been banned from Mercury Drug stores and I don’t know why. It stung and left a dark mark but it rid pimples fast. Soon, I learned to open and mix a capsule of Clindamycin with my toner but haven’t done that since they stopped allowing over-the-counter purchasing of antibiotics. I used to drench some cotton in the concocted tonerand patch up pesky acne and it would dry up fast.

I changed my toner from alcohol-based to water-based (micellar water) since I realized that alcohol toners don’t complement oily face. It helped lessen my oil. I tried Witch Hazel as well and it worked for me as a toner but it’s a bit pricey so I’m sticking with micellar water (great as makeup remover, too).

I tried consuming Lactoferrin pills but I was still developing some pimples. I noticed it lessen my oiliness but it weirdly darkened my skintone. I read others experienced the same thing so I stopped. It was a bit pricey as well.

After a while, I realized that most of my acne are hormonal — deep-seated or malalim ang hugot and mostly in the chin area. I discovered dairy causes acne (the growth hormones in dairy does not do well with my hormones). I am trying to have minimal to zero intake of dairy (soy milk and almond milk are now my friends). My no-dairy diet helped with my acne problem but there are still times when I can’t help but consume or accidentally consume dairy (crazy how sooooooo much food items have dairy in them! #sadlife). PMS breakouts also happen every month so I still needed an effective topical spot treatment. My facial wash helps mattify and reduce the swelling of acne while micellar water helps with extra cleansing and moderates my skin’s PH balance BUT I still needed a spot treatment to battle the acne head on.


I tried Pond’s Anti-acne Leave-on gel (Php 180) and it doesn’t do much for me. I massage and massage it on my problem area and I can feel a very slight difference in terms of reducing the swelling of acne but it’s not my miracle spot treatment. But it’s moisturizing so I guess itwould be ideal (and might actually work?) for those with dry skin.

I tried Celeteque’s Acne Spot Corrector Gel (Php 169 but was able to get a discounted one at Watson’s for around Php 90) and boy did it not do anything significant for me.

My sister raved about the Human Nature Acne Defense Solution Gel (Php 199.75). It was good as a protective layer against pollution to prevent pimples but it did not treat spots. It flakes up after drying (like dried glue) which can be noticeable to anyone quite near your face.

I tried Quick FX pimple eraser (Php 59) and I didn’t notice anything before because I was using it on my acne marks! I thought it was a skin lightening treatment post-acne. It even contains all the wonder ingredients (Glycolic acid, Salycilic acid, Zinc Oxide, Vitamin C)! So now that I snapped out of my stupidity, I tried it on my inflamed acne and it significantly reduced the swelling. The pain of the newly swollen one went away, too. For Php 59 per sachet, it’s my miracle spot treatment! It comes in a tube form now (forgot the price but it’s affordable).

I also tried Belo AcnePro Pimple gel (Php 150) and it has a bit of an odd smell. I felt like it doesn’t do as much as Quick FX. I tried the Belo Acne Pro Treatment toner, too, and it was so-so. It contains a bit of alcohol so it mildly causes oiliness. But like I said, I’m sticking to micellar water. I am currently trying Nivea Aqua Effect Mattifying Toner and it feels nice. I am not sure if my pores became smaller but I noticed that it lessens the oil on my face compared to my old astringent/toner, similar to the effect of Witch Hazel on me.

All of the mentioned topical treatments I tried do not sting like Panoxyl. All of these are self-bought as well so my reviews are always honest/unbiased.

Since my pimples are hormonal, I will undergo Skinstation’s Anti-Acne Facial with AcneLight Therapy soon. I’ll avail the 8k package for 10 sessions (+1k for elite membership since the package is available only for elite members, sigh). It’s cheaper this way than paying per session.

Like what my URL dictates, this is an unpaid review. It was reviewed out of either whim or rant/rave.


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