Face Care Products: COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch Review

Yay or Nay? Yay and Nay!

Clinical Skin Care COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

Resealable packaging is nice. Lots of Korean text but everything is almost translated to English. It has a bit of a medicinal smell when you open it but I don’t hate it. There’s a manual inside, I didn’t read nor took a photo.

I bought mine from Beautymnl.com 🙂 It was always sold out and I finally got to score one recently! Because I couldn’t easily procure the raved COSRX pimple patches, I’ve been using the Watson’s Mia Care Acne Patch every time a zit decides to appear on my face. I must say that Mia Care does a good job which is why I often buy it. Plus, I get to earn SM advantage points when I buy there. Tee-hee!

Anyway, since I have had experience with acne patches before, I couldn’t help but compare them. This is why COSRX is a Yay and Nay product for me.

Yay because it has a good price (P180 for 24 stickers). Mia Care will cost you around P300 for 24 stickers (2 boxes) unless you can still find their Christmas bundle (2 boxes) which costs around P250. The COSRX brand does it’s job pretty well. It sucks pus like it’s supposed to and helps reduce the bumpiness of the zit. I’m okay with repurchasing IF I won’t be able to shop for Mia Care.


9 big patches, 5 medium-sized patches, 10 small patches (Had to open the torch of my camera because it was really dark in my room)

Here are the reasons why it’s COSRX is Nay for me:

  • The variation in sizes make it easier for the user. But I think having large stickers get me more bang for my buck because I can just cut up the stickers if I need to patch up a small zit.
  • The exterior of the sticker has a bit of shine so it slightly looks more visible compared to Mia Care’s matte exterior.
  • I easily oil up and I felt that the COSRX slid easily from my face compared to Mia Care.

With these Nay factors, I’ll just use the rest of my COSRX at night, while sleeping.


Like what my URL dictates, this is an unpaid review. It was reviewed out of either whim or rant/rave.