Slimming Products: Puritan’s Pride Acetyl L-Carnitine 250mg Review

Having something curb my appetite alone wasn’t doing enough justice to my road to weight loss. I even opted to walk 2.4 km almost everyday but I thought maybe I needed something to help me double that burn. I sought the help of Acetyl L-Carnitine in pill form. I didn’t want to take slimming pills but I had no choice because I didn’t want to spend money on new, bigger clothes. I also read that L-Carnitine had other good effects aside from slimming.

I bought Puritan’s Pride Acetyl L-Carnitine (60 caps) in 250mg forms because I didn’t want to overdose or something. So far, I take 1-2 caps per day and I feel that I am less bloated now that I am taking it. I haven’t lost any weight drastically (just a pound or two) because I am not on any strict diet or exercise but I do a few sit ups every now and then since my tummy/belly is my problem area. I felt sleepier though and I’m not sure if it’s because of the L Carnitine or I’m just really tired recently. I have normalized bowel movements, too. Before, I always felt like going to the bathroom after eating especially if I ate something not ideal for a person with constant hyperacidity/gastritis.

blue bottle of puritans pride acetyl l carnitine and capsules

The 250mg 60caps bottle was around Php 600 when I bought it online. I might purchase another bottle but with higher mg once I finish my current bottle.

If you want a non-pill slimming product, you might want to check out Yogi Tea Blueberry Slim life:


Like what my URL dictates, this is an unpaid review. It was reviewed out of either whim or rant/rave.


Products for a Cause Review

The spirit of giving is well-celebrated and felt during Christmas season. But why wait for Christmas? You can embody such spirit year-round.

Donating to charity is often the most popular way to be generous and kind. Buying certain products also enables you to be charitable. If you’re seeking for products that are made with love and are for a good cause, here’s a list of products you might want to support and enjoy:

  1. RJ’s Homemade Peanut Butter – Php 100 per bottle
    The viral post about a taxi driver who sells peanut butter as extra income actually makes yummy peanut butter! With all the bad news lately about bad taxi drivers, this kind of news — earning money in a modest way — was appreciated by netizens.

RJ’s was also featured in Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho. It was revealed that the peanut butter was actually for a good cause since the driver’s son (RJ, hence the name) has a health problem so his wife makes the peanut butter and he tries to sell them to his passengers.

Reviewing the taste, this homemade peanut butter is heaven sent.  Not sure about how others perceive Skippy’s but for me, it’s like glue and is bland. Lily’s is okay. A friend of mine says the homemade ones she bought before retailed at P130 per bottle while RJ’s is priced at P100 only per bottle. She also commends that RJ’s is really good homemade peanut butter. My tastebuds agree! (They sell yummy atchara / atsara as well for P100 per bottle.)

Know more about RJ’s through their official Facebook account:

Delivery is offered within Manila:

rj peanut butter facebook cover photo

RJ’s Peanut Butter Facebook cover photo

Troy Sitosta, owner and creative art director at Shao Long Bald, was the one who helped boost the driver’s peanut butter business. He offered the nice design on the bottles and cab’s signage for free.

2. Human Nature Products – Php 60-800++

I usually don’t favor brands. I will favor a product or two if it’s really that good but not that brand itself since they will also have a product or two that’s a flop. But Human Nature offers real goodness for its customers, its customers’ pockets, and the environment. Real all about it here.

But on having a customer perspective, I can say that the Acne Gel, Acne Defense Facial Wash, Facial Toner, Purifying Facial Scrub, Hand Sanitizer spray, and Bug-Shield Oil are good bang-for-the-buck deals. I got Dengue back in 2013 and I became quite Mosquito paranoid for a while so I always used the Bug-shield oil which was better than the OFF! Lotion. I am not into lotions given the climate that we have here in PH, The OFF lotion also kinda gives a warm sensation after applied.

Anyway, I always use the acne gel as spot treatment and preventive treatment because it works wonders! It’s made of pure tea tree oil — 100% natural, it claims. The facial wash does an okay job but the facial scrub (strawberry) is my favorite!

human heart nature logo

Human Nature logo from their Official Facebook Account: @humanheartnature

I usually buy Human Nature products in Robinson’s Pioneer grocery. I have seen these products in the department store as well. They have an actual store in Bulacan as well. But you can check all their branches here. They offer online shopping but I haven’t tried that yet. They do sell on Zalora and Lazada, too.

If you know other products with a cause, feel free to comment/share about them below! Cheers!


Like what my URL dictates, this is an unpaid review. It was reviewed out of either whim or rant/rave.