Face Products: SEP Jewel BB Stick Review

Yay or Nay? Yay!
Home TV shopping 
is not that new to us yet a company decided to be a game changer and set roots into the country to offer a more localized vibe of home shopping.

The lively chatter and very influential way of selling of these TV hosts can really attract almost any viewer. They are entertaining and charismatic, indeed. But are the products really usable? The question to that relies on each of our lifestyle and needs. I, for one, was attracted to their unique SEP Jewel BB stick.

We know Korean makeup bring forth good quality so this unique BB stick caught my attention.


There is only one color available and the swatch is on the light side. Korean makeup tend to be very light since most Koreans do have fair skin and in their beauty standard: the whiter, the better.

As for me, I am Southeast Asian so the swatch is a bit bright for me. But to not let it go to waste, I use it as a concealer instead of applying it to my whole face like the one demonstrated on the TV home shopping show.

Also, some of my friends told me it caused them to breakout. Well, if you do apply it for you whole face and do not apply face powder afterwards, the Manila pollution will definitely stick to your face and cause pimples.

The free pouch that comes with it is cool. The lipsticks are smaller than average lipstick size and are your standard pink and orange shades (In Korea, those colors are common for their fair skin trend). As for me, I do not like those shades because I love bronze and golden shades for my makeup (even before Kylie Jenner set that trend lol I was inspired by J.Lo and Beyonce makeup. And Rihanna’s in her S.O.S. music video).

If you bought this as well, holla back so we’ll know your thoughts on this.

For those in Makati, you may want to know where to get affordable makeup brushes:


Like what my URL dictates, this is an unpaid review. It was reviewed out of either whim or rant/rave.


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