My Favorite Uncommon Sweets

Cadbury. Malteeser’s. 3 Musketeers. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Butterfinger. Snickers. Toblerone. I think almost everyone is familiar with these sweet treats and would declare that they like them or any other popular treats we so commonly find in supermarkets, convenience stores and the like. I like some of them, too, but my 20-something-year-old taste buds are starting to mature and I find these all too sweet now. So, here I am to share with you some amazing not-too-sweet treats that you might find to your liking as well.

1.) Honey Butter Almonds
I only came to know this through a friend. I am not fond of eating almonds as they are but Korea’s Honey Butter Almonds are an exception. I tried the Honey Butter chips first because I was curious; it was mentioned in one of the variety shows I’m watching. The chips are just meh. But the almonds are amazing! So far, the only way I know on how to avail this is through actually going to South Korea or asking someone to give/buy it for me as pasalubongIf I find a Korean mart finally selling it here in Manila, I will update this post (hopefully, I don’t forget this promise lol).

honey butter almond

It doesn’t look much but the taste speaks otherwise.

To describe the taste, every almond is coated in honey buttery goodness. It’s not greasy but rather powdery and mildly sticky after holding a bunch of it for a while.

2.) Meiji Almond Chocolate
These milk choco-covered almonds can be found in supermarkets. I only came to love this thanks to my aunt’s friend who gave us one whole pack. Meiji chocolates are so mildly sweetened yet gives us the right sweet fix. It’s seriously addicting. On the other hand, Meiji’s choco-covered macadamias are a let down for me though. I like my chocolate macadamias whole, not smashed into bits.

Meiji choco almonds
3.) KitKat Green Tea
Okay, Green Tea Kit Kat is not so uncommon nowadays. It can be found almost everywhere now (groceries, department stores, convenience stores, Daiso, Japan Home) but I’d rather savor its matcha goodness with just the right level of sweetness compared to any other common chocolate any day. If you find yourself loving matcha, too, I recommend Starbucks matcha drinks and Coffee 8065‘s matcha frappe (Makati).

4.) Canada True Maple Butter Cookies
I love Maple syrup. I love it on my pancakes and on some sliced apples with pecans. I fell in love with it further when I tasted Canada True Butter Maple Cookies which was given to us by our Balikbayan aunt. I don’t know how much it costs or where to buy it in Manila but if I find a way on how to avail it, I will update this post. Regarding the taste, the maple is just right, not overwhelming yet still there. Even the butter taste is just right, not overwhelming or greasy. The cute maple leaf-shaped cookies are sturdy but soft to bite into. The light color gives off an impression that it’s raw but I don’t mind that it’s baked that way. I love to pair this with a cup or two of Yogi Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life.
Canada True Butter Maple Cookie
5.) Nonni’s Biscotto
These are the biscotti we see in some Starbucks stores. Being twice-baked, it is meant to be eaten with a warm drink to soften up the cookie prior biting into it. I am a fan of warm drinks like coffee and tea so I  enjoy this Italian treat. The nuts inside adds a glorious texture that contrasts my smooth, warm drink. The way the chocolate softens after being dipped into the warm drink is simply divine, too. I know tubs of this are being sold in S&R. I haven’t tried any other brand nor have I tried baking my own but if anyone can suggest a good brand/recipe, I am all ears. 🙂
nonnis biscotto

6.) Unit16Sweets Chili Dark Chocolate
There are various brands now offering chili dark chocolates but I find  Unit16Sweets chili dark chocolates scrumptious. The simple dark chocolate base is enhanced with the right amount of chili (oil, I think?) in it. It doesn’t abuse the tongue. It won’t make you grab for ice water. It’s like a smooth chili choco ride in your mouth. Plus, it’s affordable! One bar is priced at Php 50-55 I think. Unit 16 Sweets offers various chocolates, too, but I find their chili dark the best. They have various stalls; I chanced upon them during a food fair in Glorietta and Robinson’s Pioneer.
unit 16 sweets chili dark choco

7.) Welch’s Fruit Snacks (Mixed Fruit)
These are seriously addicting. They’re not too sweet yet are super fruity. The gumminess is also at the right consistency — it won’t get annoyingly stuck to your teeth or won’t give you a hard time chewing it. Every piece is adorably shaped in their respective fruit flavor too. One small pack of Welch’s Fruit Snacks claims to give only 80 calories (great for weight watching). I’m not sure if these can be availed at S&R or groceries/stores that offer imported products since I only get to eat these when our balikbayans send us some.
welch's mixed fruit pack


Like what my URL dictates, this is an unpaid review. It was reviewed out of either whim or rant/rave.


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