Affordable Make-Up Brushes in Makati

If anyone’s been to Makati, the upscale Ayala malls and business district are the place to be for both locals and tourists. It can be quite a feat to find something remarkably affordable among all the posh shops situated there. But if you’re a curious cat like me, you’ll see that there are cheaper buys tucked in some of the stalls or stores there.

make up brushes

Price range may depend on the type of brush and it can vary from Php 30 – Php 200+.

Make-up brushes, for example, are one of the good finds there. But where exactly, you may ask. Go to the the beauty section (near the escalator) of The Landmark (nestled between Greenbelt and Glorietta). There you’ll find cheap, unknown brands and dupes as well. (I’m not promoting dupes but I’m just stating you can find them there if it’s dupes you also seek.)

landmark on google maps

Just search The Landmark PH on Google images if you want a photo reference of the mall.

Of course, there are brushes that may still be not up to par to the branded ones you have or have experienced using but there are some that are similar or do the same job well. Make up and the tools vary; it’s really up to you on how you work with it. The blending brush I bought (see bottom of the photo) is similar to ELF’s white blending eye brush (I know because I have one lol) and is cheaper compared to the local pricing of ELF in this country. There are foundation, kabuki, powder brushes and the like available, too, but I didn’t buy any since I already have a set of Real Techniques Core Collection brushes and ELF (flat top) powder brush + ELF stipple brushes (they’re bang for the buck deals).

That’s it for my very first post. Hope this will serve any Internet soul looking into finding some cheaper makeup brushes in “expensive” Makati.

If you want a handy makeup tool with a built-in brush, one good example is the SEP Jewel BB Stick:


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